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  • Debbie has been great to work with. Her warmth and care exude not only on a professional level but a personal level. Debbie goes…

    — Buyer

  • Debbie Gates is so much more than a realtor. Yes, she will get the best price for your house, or find you your new perfect…

    — Buyer

  • We were buyers living in Chicago and we were looking for a reputable real estate agent that could assist us in our long distance…

    — Buyer

  • Debbie came highly recommended from 3 personal friends and all were thrilled with their experiences buying and selling houses…

    — Anonymous

  • Debbie gates is great real estate broker. She is great in all facets of being an agent: Great with people, cares about your…

    — Anonymous

  • Debbie worked tirelessly to help secure an attractive sale of our home in Simi Valley. Given we had already moved overseas…

    — Anonymous

  • Debbie Gates is more then an Agent selling homes. She was out to see that we got the home we fell in love with. Debbie works…

    — Anonymous

  • You can’t do better than Debbie! Debbie worked with us on the pre-listing of our home, stayed in constant contact and brought us…

    — Anonymous

  • Debbie has been our agent since 2009. She has helped us buy and sell homes. She is extremely patient and highly respected by her…

    — Anonymous

  • We love Debbie! She helped us with a short sale when we retired and relocated from Pennsylvania. She helped us on ever level. The…

    — Anonymous

  • Debbie Gates was extremely helpful in helping me list and sell my Mother’s home after she passed away. Debbie was very supportive…

    — Anonymous

  • We had a house to sell and wanted to sell it quick. Debbie came in and knew exactly what to list it for and what quick fixes we…

    — Anonymous

  • We couldn’t have chosen a better agent to sell our home. Debbie Gates was dedicated to getting our home sold from the minute we…

    — Anonymous

  • Debbie is a professional. She is knowledgeable, experienced and selling our home was flawless. If you are in need of an agent to…

    — Anonymous

  • “Debbie is a wonderful agent, intuitive to her clients needs, and goal oriented. Our house sold quickly due to her successful…

    — Anonymous

  • “The ONLY REALTOR you need to know is DEBBIE GATES!Debbie understood us and listened. She was always available whenever we needed…

    — Buyer

  • “Debbie Gates is absolutely outstanding! She is professional, honest, accessible and extremely knowledgeable. Selling my house…

    — Steve Neuschotz

  • “Debbie was wonderful to work with. She assisted us with selling our house, which happened to have Mello Roos Taxes on it, which…

    — Anonymous

  • Debbie Gates knows her business. She is so helpful and honest. It has been a pleasure working with her. I will definitely use her…

    — Piper B

  • We found Debbie through online reviews. Called her up and she was ready to setup a meeting quickly. As we were not in a hurry, we…

    — Shardul M

  • We met Debbie first as a precise, professional and exceedingly skilled Realtor, this grew into a great friendship between our…

    — Jen K.

  • Debbie is great! Knows her clients well, very responsive! Fantastic personality! She found us a home that we didn’t even know we…

    — Clarizio

  • I would highly recommend Debbie Gates for any of your real estate needs. She is knowledgeable in all phases of real estate. She…

    — J. Jackson

  • Debbie Gates has a gift for the real estate business! She is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. She is always there with the…

    — O. Barrera

  • Debbie helped us with a very difficult sale. Her work ethic was incredible, and she went above and beyond to help us make a…

    — Jason F

  • Debbie was absolutely amazing to work with. She really made us feel like she was truly working for us. Debbie understands her…

    — Jeff Hewitt

  • Debbie Gates was very helpful in finding us our first house. She listened to our needs and wants which lead us to our home….

    — Melissa C

  • My husband and I started the process of looking for a home last year and was referred to Debbie Gates by one of our friends. As…

    — B Brodit

  • I have known Debbie for many years. She is a great real estate professional. The attribute that i liked most in her was her being…

    — Shidhar S

  • Debbie was great when I decided to buy a condo. She was always available, listened to what I wanted and answered all my…

    — Vicky & Carl

  • Debbie was very helpful in our house-hunting process. Debbie was the first one we contacted when we just moved here and turned…

    — Cong & Min

  • Debbie listened very carefully to what we were looking for. Without wasting our time showing us homes that were not right for us,…

    — Michael H

  • Debbie Gates is the definition of an outstanding Realtor. I am a local insurance agent and have worked with her on multiple…

    — Shawn P

  • Debbie is great, professional, knows the area, and she does everything to keep the buyer happy. She was always available to…

    — Sue S

  • We’ve learnt it the hard way that when it comes to buying a home, the right agent makes a world of difference. Debbie is an…

    — Anna N

  • Debbie has been my real estate “go to” person now for three purchases and two sales. She works hard for you, cares and looks out…

    — Mina S.

  • Debbie helped me in buying my dream house. She knows the process really well and helped me in every step of home buying. No one…

    — Naveen R.

  • Debbie has helped me buy and sell several properties in the last couple of years and I do keep coming back to her. She knows her…

    — Debra R.

  • Debbie helped change my life. Not only is she an awesome person, but her skill and knowledge of this area and real estate is…

    — Tim Mcinturff

  • Debbie went way above expectations to complete the real estate transaction. I would strongly recommend as a realtor. She…

    — Eric OConner

  • When my husband and I decided to buy a home, Debbie Gates came highly recommended through a trusted friend of ours. From the day…

    — Tamara M

  • My wife and I just became first-time home buyers thanks to Debbie! She was available both nights and weekends to show us homes,…

    — Scott & Moni F

  • As I sit here in the office of my dream home I can tell you the name Debbie Gates will be forever in our hearts! We have…

    — Debbie, Connie & Kelly

  • She found my husband And I the perfect home to start our new family. It was a stressful process with all the bidding wars but…

    — Sammy R

  • Debbie was amazing from start to finish. Her read on the house was perfect and she delivered all she said she would and more….

    — Eric R

  • Debbie was fantastic to work with in finding our dream home! She was available on short notice and made finding a new home a…

    — Gina F

  • Debbie is an extremely professional agent that has helped me and my family get into a house that would have never been possible…

    — Norma & Allen K

  • Debbie listed our property for sale and helped us through every step of the process. We had multiple offers and she worked well…

    — Marisa C

  • When my husband decided to list our house for sale he had specific numbers that had to all fall into place or else we would not…

    — George & Eva A

  • After seeing her in action I believe Debbie is part Superwoman! She is expert in every aspect of real estate and always made us…

    — Larry I

  • She represented us and guided us throughout every step of the process. We originally considered selling our home on our…

    — Carl H

  • She was available and made sure that everything was done in a timely manner. She was extremely professional. She worked with me…

    — Donovan W

  • She is very knowledgeable of the real estate market and the Simi Valley area. She quickly understood our preferences and found us…

    — Mo & Amanda J

  • She was always available for help or questions and would go out of her way to make us comfortable. She is also a hardworker and…

    — Kirk R

  • Debbie is very easy to work with and always on top of everything. If I had questions she was always quick to get back to me. She…

    — Joseph P

  • She is hard working, knowledgeable and has amazing connections within the realtor community. She was there for us throughout our…

    — Dean & Erica C

  • We used her for the sale of our existing home and the purchase of our new home. She really helped us get as much as we could for…

    — Frank P

  • She helped put our first time buying fears to rest. She explained how the entire house buying process went. Was very patient with…

    — Serika G

  • She was professional, the right measure of aggressive and went out of her way to insure that the deal went through smoothly and…

    — Marcus E

  • Debbie is wonderful to work with. She understands customer requirements and tries her best to accomplish those.

    — John M

  • she worked very hard to get the deal done and solve all the issues that got on the way. she doesn’t pretend that she knows…

    — Brenda K

  • She is a well-respected agent in the community and other agents enjoy working with her, which makes the process of selling a home…

    — Eric & Sue B

  • Debbie was the best realtor I’ve worked with. She was very good at finding houses before they came onto the market and getting…

    — Mike L

  • Debbie sets the standard for real estate agents! I would recommend her to anyone looking for an agent. She is open, honest and…

    — Jane R

  • Debbie is an expert on Wood Ranch. Her knowledge helped ensure our house showed well and received an offer quickly. She is…

    — Sonia M


Debbie Gates

Debbie Gates


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