Simi Valley Runkle Canyon

Simi Valley Runkle Canyon is the newest community being offered in Simi Valley.

With over 91 percent of its 1,595 acres preserved as open space, Runkle Canyon will maintain its natural beauty for existing and new neighbors to enjoy.

The community balances the important preservation of open space with the need to create quality housing for families and seniors that is close to jobs and integrated with existing neighborhoods and infrastructure and services. Runkle Canyon will offer many recreational opportunities for the residents of Simi Valley throughout the open space. Most of that space will be preserved in its natural condition with a series of publicly accessible hiking, bicycling and equestrian trails. The trails will connect to the city and regional trail system, including the Albertson’s Motorway. The remaining open space is reserved for a five-acre passive park with picnic areas and kiosks highlighting the significant history of the area. The goal is to improve the community by enhancing the way you live your life – nature, recreation, friends, family and play all close at hand. This vibrant community blends the best of the past and the present, replicating the warmth and charm found in the Runkle Ranch of old and Simi Valley’s existing neighborhoods.

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History Of Runkle Canyon:

In 1904, the Runkle family moved to Simi Valley where they raised their six children on a cattle ranch at the South side of the valley. Like most ranchers, the Runkles grew grain and operated a blacksmith shop. They also operated a mule train, transporting items between the San Fernando and Simi valleys. In later years, they planted and harvested walnuts.


Still standing to this day is an earthen dam built for soil and water conservation. Such dams were basic to Simi Valley agriculture in the 1930s and 40s until modern flood control was built to drain all our canyons to the Simi Arroyo without damage to property below. Later, a commercial sand and gravel business was operated within Runkle Canyon until it was closed in the mid-1980s. The property was also a favorite backdrop for many Hollywood film and television productions.


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The Runkle family still follows their “cowboy background” living nearby and actively involved in the