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Simi Valley real estate agent Ken Grech explains:

Simi Valley offers a variety of homes for sale and  places to live. Some of the new hot spots are Simi Valley Big Sky, Simi Valley Bridle Path, Simi Valley Wood Ranch, Wild Horse Canyon, Sinalo Area, Silverthorn and Shadow hawk.  The homes in this town can range in price , from the mid $350,000 up to two million plus range.

Simi Valley real estate in Simi Valley is at a premium. Though homes vary in size and age, all Simi Valley residents enjoy the benefits of a family-oriented community with a stellar public safety rating. The community also takes pride in its extracurricular programs and events. The Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley and the city’s YMCA offer family-friendly facilities while the Simi Valley Unified School District provides an education to over 23,000 students!

Simi Valley is located in the southeastern corner of Ventura County, where it borders the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. It is home to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, where the former president was laid to rest. The city of Simi Valley is located in the valley of the same name.

Originally inhabited by the Chumash Indians, the name of both city and valley is said to have derived from the Chumash word “Shimiyi” or “Shimiji” which refers to the wispy, thread-like clouds that are common to the region. In the late 19th century, Simi Valley was known as Santa Susana del Ranch Simi and was home to a Spanish-speaking majority population. Anglo-Americans began to settle shortly thereafter and the area’s real estate transformed into many farms, amid bountiful orchards and groves.

A railroad line opened by the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1904 still runs east-west through the valley, creating an easy commute into Los Angeles for Simi Valley’s residents. In 1905, the longest train tunnel in the United States at that time was completed on the east end of Simi Valley. The tunnel, known as Tunnel No. 26 is still standing today, linking Simi Valley to San Fernando Valley. Amtrak and Metrolink currently operate railways with stops in Simi Valley. These trains run seven days a week, as do the city’s Transit buses.

Simi Valley was awarded the Silver Level Green Status in 2012 for its commitment to sustainability. It is the first city in Ventura County to be honored with this recognition. The city council of Simi Valley, its residents and local companies and organizations are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption in their city by practicing environmentally sound practices. Many new homes are built using sustainable technology.

With 35 well-maintained parks to choose from, The Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District is hard to beat! Picnic facilities, playgrounds, duck ponds and dog parks are just some of the amenities offered to residents of Simi Valley. There are miles of bike trails and one of the largest equestrian trail systems in the entire United States. Equestrians and horse-enthusiasts are sure to feel right at home! Also visit Simi valley housing page

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