Granada Hills

Granada Hills, CA

Granada Hills is a lightly populated, highly diverse and high-income neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region. Formerly agricultural, it is now mostly residential. There is an active sports program and a range of city recreation centers. The Granada Hills Recreation Center features an auditorium, playground, sports facilities, and picnic areas.  The neighborhood has 14 public and 7 private schools. Granada Hills is a hot spot of mid-century architecture which returned to vogue in the 1990s. The most notable tract is “Balboa Highlands”, a small tract designed by iconic architect Joseph Eichler. Most of these homes have been featured in movies, commercials, magazine pictorials and often pop up books. Many areas of Granada Hills feature the aesthetic style that includes pitched roofs and beam ceilings including numerous homes surrounding the Knollwood Golf Course. The second largest park in Los Angeles, O’Melveny Park, consists of a large undeveloped area and a much smaller developed section with several dozen citrus trees, a small intermittent stream, and grass and picnic area.

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